Data Decisioning Doubles Down

The themes developed on this site have a new home at, with the Data Decisioning LLC team. Data Decisioning is focused on the "data-to-decisioning-value-chain", and covers everything from Big Data all the way to decision technologies and business decision making in the executive suite. Decisions are the purpose of management! And every technology from artificial intelligence to IoT to business analytics and more is all in support of the work of management, which is decision-making. Join the Data Decisioning team for a great dialogue. There's humor, Quotes of the Week, amazing podcast interviews, analyses and the popular "virtual conference listing". See you there! 

Data Decisioning Achieves Validation

Our Data Decisioning website has achieved validation! We measure this validation by site traffic, engagement with leading industry analysts and executives, the growing collection of serious content -- and our first serious customers!

Nevertheless, based on ROI, the business partners have decided to archive the site. We are particularly proud of our focus on decision-making. The enthusiasm and wide coverage by industry and trade media on big data and AI is well-deserved. But the reason for all that data is sometimes lost -- it's really all about decision making. And the value of data is realized when you can make better decisions! Better decisions based on better data has been the theme of Data Decisioning. It's a message that still needs amplification!